Do you want to work as a Radiology Technician or Radiology Technologist? It is important to know the difference before choosing a school to enrol in. A Radiology Technician works with X-ray machines. He is responsible for, maintaining the equipment, positioning the patient and taking a clear picture.

A Radiology Technologist does all that the technician does but also has an education in the management of at least one imaging machine e.g. computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging.  The Radiology Technician and Radiology Technologist are often called the Radiographer.

Before proceeding to a radiology school, there are some basic information you need; to decide  which school or what program to enrol in. below are some things to consider; GOAL: the educational program you choose is dependent on your career goal. To be a Radiology technologist, you have to enrol for a longer program as there is more to learn relative to the Radiology Technician.


ASSOCIATE DREGREE: you can check for schools that offer an associate degree. With an associate degree  of science in radiology, the curriculum will cover aspects of human anatomy, biology, patient care, image production, radiation physics, medical ethics. e.t.c.

Practical with the X-ray will be a part of your training. This takes about 21-24 months. BACHELOR DEGREE: you can also earn a bachelors degree instead of an associate degree by enrolling in a four years program.

The bachelors degree is common for the Technologist. In addition to the curriculum of the associate degree, you will also learn about nuclear medicine and radiotherapy.

Cellular imaging

Medical sonography


Some school also offer a masters degree. To get this, you will spend two years learning about medicine. Classes in areas such as pharmacology and anatomy would be added at this stage. ACCREDITATION: the school of your choice either for the associate degree or the bachelors degree should be accredited be the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT).

You can check the JRCERT website to be sure your school of choice is accredited

CERTIFICATION: to become a certified technologist, you will be examined either by your state or by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT). The examination by ARRT is administered at the end of your degree (associate or bachelor).

The examination is structured to test your observation skills, ability to assess and understand diagnosis, communication skills (formal and written), motor skills, intellectual skills and more.
You must also ensure you school is approved by ARRT. LICENCE: to get a licence, check the requirement of you state and what employers in your area require. Some states require the ARRT certification only, while some require more.

SPECIALIZATION: you can also choose to specialize. areas of specialization include:


Computed tomography

Magnetic resonance imaging


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